Abnormally tiny frames

I am using a Linea in the FrameBurstActive mode, meaning that my image is acquired in several chunks, depending on the duration of the trigger high signal.

Every now and then, I receive frames of only one line (sometimes 3 or 4, but mostly 1), though the trigger lasts for several seconds.

It could be that these are generate by short spurious impulses that the camera detects before the true trigger occurs, but I am questioning this as montoring the signal with an oscilloscope didn’t show an anomaly.

Can there be another reason why such short frames are generated ?


I would be with you here. This seems to be a very short gate cycle, hence I suppose this could be caused by a voltage peak or something similar. Maybe this could easily be solved by increasing the debounce-value of the camera…

This is probably more a hardware issue. Please contact us via e-mail or phone. It will be much easier to discuss this then and as I told you before this forum is deticated to :cvb:. :wink:

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