Unreliable image capture

(13.02.002 .Net Sdk)

Hi all,

I’m encountering a bug which seems strange to me, and thought I’d stick it up here to see if anyone else has had a similar issue and how was it resolved:

I have a windows service that connects to a camera and captures images from a stream in a fairly typical way [timeout set to 200ms] when triggered from an external source:
StreamImage image = imageStream.WaitFor(cvbTimeout, out WaitStatus result)

This has been generally working fine, except I have recently started to notice that occasionally when I start the service, the driver gets loaded fine and everything appears to be set up and ready except that no images are ever captured (it is not a trigger issue, as this has been working reliably for years).

Once one of my machines encounters this error, it doesn’t go away until I manually open the CVB management console, grab a stream and capture an image. Once this has been performed, and I restart the service, images are then captured as normal.

Can anyone offer any insights into this behaviour? Why would attempts to capture images start timing out and then stop timing out once I manually take an image?

Best wishes,


Hi @Rob

The issues you describe do not really ring a bell. We’ve discussed a potential firewall issue (which could in principle lead to no more images arriving) but that’s not consistent with all aspects that you described (which I interpret as on a given machine it might work now but not tomorrow).

Can you please attempt two things:

  1. Modify the timeout and check the impact of that. 200 ms generally speaking is towards the short end when it comes to timeouts (priming the camera and starting acquisition can take something in that order of magnitude already), so it would be interesting to see what happens when this value is increased to e.g. 1000 ms for the sake of testing.
  2. Can you use the LogGui and generate a log? The relevant logging modules here would be “GEVSVC”, “CVFactory”, “GEVTL”, “GEFSD”, “GEVFD” and the GenICam vin. These logs tend to become big and long very quickly, so please send it to support@stemmer-imaging.com rather than posting it here - if we find something relevant we will copy it here.