WPF Zoom Adorner, huge zoom steps

Hi There

I’m using the Zoom Adorner on my WPF display, but very small step changes cause very large changes in zoom, specifically when dragging the bar (pressing the +/- buttons is fine). For example, making the smallest drag possible (from a zoom factor of 0), leads to a zoom factor of two, which if my understanding of zoom factor is correct, is effectively 4x zoomed in. By contrast, pressing the + button once only increases the zoom factor to 0.33. Is there anyway to change the range and step size on the adorner?

[CVB 13.04.004 64bit, W10]

Thanks for help

Hi @Pizza_Sub_Pizza ,

we appreciate your feedback an have added your suggestion as a feature release for one of the upcoming CVB Versions.
I can not give you the exact Version this feature will be part of so the best for you would be to follow the corresponding download section to get a notification once a new version is out.
You will find a changelog for each version so it will be very easy to see, if the feature is already part of the release without the need of installing it first (however an update is always recommended).