What is Common Vision Blox?

Common Vision Blox is a set of programming libraries (DLLs, .NET libraries and more) aimed at image processing professionals. It has particular strengths in acquisition and in it’s advanced tools. It’s nature lends itself to creating self-branded vision applications for OEMs as well as efficient and flexible applications for integrators. The latest release (CVB2017) brings some new features such as device discovery, while recent releases have increased the support for Linux on both desktop and embedded platforms.

The aim with CVB is that:

  1. it is hardware-independent (genuinely one type of acquisition device to another by changing a single line of code), where the functionality overlaps you should be able to use the same commands.

  2. It is flexible (users should not be limited in the way they put applications together). More than that, many CVB applications are not ‘only’ vision applications, they incorporate database backends, other sensors, PLC interfaces and more. The ‘library’ nature of CVB enables that.

  3. It allows powerful applications (both in terms of speed and capability). This is why we have advanced barcode, high-speed OCR and learning tools). Our top tool, Polimago, received a significant performance boost in the latest release, even though it is around 10 times faster than its predecessor.

For more information, the CVB homepage is [here] (www.commonvisionblox.com).

We’d like to hear your comments - please let us know! If you want to discuss it, I am happy to talk,


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