ShapeFinder2 - setting MaxNumSolutions

unless I’m reading over it, it seems that the ShapeFinder2::Classifier::SearchAll() function overloads do not have a parameter to set the MaxNumSolutions on the TSearchAllParams for the underlying SF2Search call.

It’s by default set to SearchAllResultCountMax = 10000 (as the name SearchAll() indicates).

I have noticed a significant reduction in execution time be limiting the MaxNumSolutions so it would be nice if the CVB++ API had a way of setting it.
For example with a separate function ShapeFinder2::Classifier::Search() that takes this as a parameter.


Thank you for your inquirey, we’ve noted it as a feature request.

Plase note that reducing the number of possible results just cuts off additional results. The less results are inspected/gathered the faster the operation.

However, these are not filtered or ordered by relevance or quality. So by reducing the number of results it is possible to cut off good results once the max has been reached. A better way to reduce possible results but maintaining the quality or relevance would be the adjust the relative threshold.

Hello Frank,
thank you for the clarification, I was indeed under the wrong impression that the results were ordered by quality and that I was getting the best ones by reducing MaxNumSolutions.

I understand completely that increasing the threshold speeds up searches and reduces the number of results but the low contrast of the shapes that we need to find does not always allow us to do that.