Same naming, i.e. upper and lower case, of folders in Windows and Linux

The names of the folders for Windows and for Linux (in x86 and ARM) are different. It’s not a big deal, but it would be nice if they were named the same, then at least you wouldn’t have to use different paths to folders for programming on both systems.
For example, to access the drivers folder, I need to specify two different paths. This is how it would look like in a C++ program:

#ifdef __unix__
    m_device = Cvb::DeviceFactory::Open(Cvb::InstallPath() + CVB_LIT("drivers/"));
#elif defined(_WIN32) || defined(WIN32)
    m_device = Cvb::DeviceFactory::Open(Cvb::InstallPath() + CVB_LIT("Drivers/"));

Hi @ASchmitt,

sorry for the inconvenience :wink:

When we decided on the folder structure for Linux installers we had a look at what we already had on Windows (which is a happy mixed case thing) and feared that Linux users would hate us for this with lowercase folder names being kind of a de factor norm there (if only to prevent overuse of the shift key…), so we decided to try and come up with a structure that Linux users would feel at home with.

As far as the “drivers” subdirectory is concerned this should not actually be much of an issue as the Windows filesystem functions are case-independent, so you should in fact be able to work in both cases with drivers/

:smiley: As I said, I just found it a little inconsistent.