Rotation of point cloud

Hi guys,

can you tell me the ideal way how to transform a point cloud (rotation+translation)? Didn’t find anything in the tutorials.


here is a quick example how to perform a 3D coordinate transformation (rotation + translation).


CVC3DTransformation m = CVC3DIdentityTransformation;
m.Translation[0] = 0;
m.Translation[1] = 0;
m.Translation[2] = 10;
CVC3DTransformPointCloud(pointCloud, m, pointCloud);


We use roll, pitch and yaw for the generation of the rotation matrix, however you could also set up the matrix itself if needed.

CVC3DTransformation rot = CVC3DIdentityTransformation;
CVC3DRotationMatrixFromRollPitchYaw(0, 0, 10, rot.Matrix);
CVC3DTransformPointCloud(pointCloud, rot, pointCloud);

Thank you for pointing that out! We will update our tutorials in the following release to also demonstrate this.