List of Points to PointCloud


is there a way to return a List of Points to a Pointcloud?

I would like to loop through all Points, do something and afterwards return it to a Pointcloud.

Hi @Michael,

there is no direct way of doing this.
What you can do is get the points of a PointCloud via TryEnumeratePointsAs, modify the point list in whatever way you desire, then create a new PointCloud with the same amount of points in your modified points list and then use the PointComponents to iterate over each point in the new PointCloud and set the value of the point in your list.


We had a similar question couple of weeks ago:

Maybe that helps…

Thank you for the reply. I will try this solution today and keep you up to date.

I will try this sample too, but one question. Is there any way to use this code without using pointers?

No yet,

I think it would be good to have this as a constructor parameter.