Reset/unblock cameras vs. restart of siGevSvc.service on crash


I’m running a CVB-powered application as a Linux service (systemd, Ubuntu, Genie Nano C1940, GigE, C+±app). The service is configured to restart on crash automatically. Unfortunately this only works in some cases. If the application crashes non-gracefully it is sometimes not capable to restart as the cameras are still blocked (visible in GenICam-browser). Restartung the siGevSvc.service releases the cameras and allows accessing them again.

Does anybody have an idea how to release the cameras programmatically (C++) on program-start or how to restart the siGevSvc.service within the Linux-service for my app on restart?

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Hi and welcome @mrosenstiel,

normally the siGevSvc daemon detects whether the client apps are still alive by querying for the process identifiers (PIDs). After a short while (i.e. below one second) the daemon disconnects. So can you check if your daemon’s PID is still around (zombi process)?

For restarting the daemon you need administrative priviliges. You can use the shell commands:

service siGevSvc stop
service siGevSvc start