Read image counter

I’m porting an existing application to CVB and need help finding a simple feature. The camera has an internal counter which is reset by a signal from an external controller.
My application should now read this counter value of each acquired image. How can I do this?
I expected a similar function to Image->RawTimestamp()

Here is the example code i use for acquisition:

    auto mDevice = Cvb::DeviceFactory::Open(path);
    auto stream = mDevice->Stream();

    while (mRunning)
        auto waitResult = stream->WaitFor(std::chrono::seconds(1));
        if (waitResult.Status == Cvb::WaitStatus::Ok){
            std::cout << "Acquired image... " << waitResult.Image->RawTimestamp() << std::endl;

Thank you!

Hi @lhartu and welcome to the CVB Forum,

If you use a GenICam compliant camera you need to access most of the features by using the NodeMap.
I found an example in this post:

In your case it would probably be an integer node so you need to use the IntegerNode class:

auto integerNode = deviceNodeMap->Node<Cvb::IntegerNode>(CVB_LIT(DeviceVendorName));
auto value = integerNode->Value();