Jupyter Notebook - Getting started CVBPy

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Hi everyone,

during our embedded event in Nuremberg I was asked several times if it would be possible to share the presented Jupyter Notebook.

So yes, find the presentation attachet to this post.

In 6 Chapters you will load and save an image from the disc using CVB, configure a camera (if connected) via its nodemap, do some basic pixel manipulation and finally use Shapefinder on an .emu file to do some live processing.

You could also go for one of the other Shapefinder Notebooks that uses a camera but you wont have the objects that the corresponding classifiers are teached on.
However, feel free to have a look at SFTeach that comes with your CVB installation and create your own classifier to use with live images from your cam.

Have fun and cheers!


Nice one, @Chris !
Good material to fill the gap that Getting Started with CVBpy - Programming Questions / Python API - Common Vision Blox User Forum leaves.

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