Minos.SortResultsByPosition (Left to Right)

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A quick one regarding the sorting Minos result by position. To do this a vector of direction (X, Y) needs to be passed in, can anyone point me to some documentation or possibly explain on this post, what the logic behind this vector is and exactly how it works?

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Hi @JoshSmith !

Without knowing your exact application I would first and foremost recommend you to use the .Net wrappers instead of the DLL directly. Look at the .Net tutorials for Minos.

The documentation you’re searching for is embedded into the docs at

I hope this helps.

Hi @s-woe,

For a quick summary, essentially we are looking for two OCR characters, within the classifier they have been trained as two individual characters. When we search and filter the final results they need to be in a left to right direction (sorted by result x position), I’m doing this myself at the moment but came across the functions directly within minos and was just curious about how it worked.

I assume when you say ‘the wrappers’ you mean the ‘New’ .NET wrappers? Our application is built around the old style wrappers currently and haven’t really got time to port everything to the new style at the minute, but ill certainly take a look.

Thanks for the pointer to the docs, Ill check them out.


Hi @JoshSmith, then you should use (projectionX=1, projectionY=0) as the projection vector. Inside, the inner product of each results position with this two component vector will cause a sorting onto the positive x direction (= from left to right).

Thanks for the information @s-woe, ill see what happens.