Lost IP adress for 1 camera of 8


We have a problem with 1 of our 8 cameras that it loses its IP address during a reboot of our equipment. Each time we have to go into the camera and set the correct IP address and move cameras in the system so that the program recognizes this. So my question is how do you lock the IP address of the camera so that it does not set another IP address?

That one camera looses the ip is probably a camera support request which you can ask over the Stemmer Imaging Support channels depending on the region where you bought the cameras from.
e.g. for Germany and the DACH region it would be de.support@stemmer-imaging.com

From the CVB side you should check after forcing the IP address to a specific address that in a second step you save this new IP address as persistent address into the camera over the same dialogue in the GenICam Browser. It should also ask you to do that after forcing the ip address.