Is there a way to 'reset' all properties to 'factory settings'?

Previously we’ve used the Sapera ccf files, but these are a whole load of pain (you can only reliably update them using CamExpert, and sometimes the values don’t ‘take’ on first load).

I’m very pleased with the usability of NodeMaps for updating properties, but I don’t really want to have to set hundreds of properties in order to get a ‘known state’. Is there anyway to say “reset to factory settings” and then just update the properties that differ?

I think I’ve found the answer:

Std::UserSetSelector = "Default";
call Std::UserSetLoad

This doesn’t appear to reset the IP, fortunately :slight_smile:

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IP is indeed not reset by loading camera settings. At least, I have yet to encounter the camera in which this is the case!