How to use .gcs file to load settings into camera using python

From the Device Configuration in the CVB Management Console, iI can set the camera settings and store them as a .gcs file.

Is there a way I can read these settings into python and set the camera configurations based on this file, using the cvb python package, without writing my own parser?

Hi @ruben !
I assume, you already have your desired .gcs-file stored on your disk.
With CVBpy you can simply load these settings when in an opened device with:

discovered_devices = cvb.DeviceFactory.discover_from_root(cvb.DiscoverFlags.IgnoreVins)
desired_device_info = discovered_devices[0].access_token  # or any other device
with as device:
     device_nodemap = device.node_maps["Device"]

assuming, that the the gcs is stored from the same device.
Also have a look at those docs!

Just tested the solution.
This was exactly what I was looking for. I did scan the docs, but somehow missed this method.