Is it possible to run a C# application with Mono?

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I have benn looking into ways to get my C# application running on Raspbian.
According to this forum post the .NET Core is, with the exception of Stemmer.Cvb.Forms, supported. As my application is mainly an GUI this would not be feasible. I wasn’t able to find anything regarding the support of the Mono project. Is this supported?
Or does anybody know another way to get an C# application using the CVB running on Raspbian?


we have the same limitation for Mono although Forms is somewhat supported there. The reason behind this is that we use Windows specific code in the Display components and not a pure .Net implementation.

The classic and object oriented wrappers should work on 32bit Linux operating systems. We know of issues with 64bit. The “should” means that we do not test our libraries with Mono/.Net Core.

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Thanks for the info!