Installing on a headless Linux

Hiya, i’m installing CVB on a headless Linux system, codemeter is giving me problems with unmet dependencies, is Codemeter a requirement to run if the system has a USB-license dongle?

how do I get the package installed without having to install immense amounts of GUI dependencies ?

Are you using Linux ARM or x86? If you are using CVB version 13.00 or later, Wibu dongles should work without the CodeMeter runtime being installed.

On x86 Linux you need CodeMeter runtime for Wibu dongles to work. There seems to be a “driver only” setup from Wibu that, presumably, does not have all the GUI components.

Thanks for the feedback, i ended up just installing all of the x11 dependencies and what ever it asked for, feels unnecessary, would be amazing to have a solution for headless systems.