GenICam Browser and c++ app not showing the same frame rate

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While doing some tests, frame rate in GenICam Browser was pretty stable, exactly 1fps as we expect, changes only appeared while waiting for PTP sync. Now, at once, we experience frequent changes that go between 1+/-0.4 fps. When calculating the frame rate inside the app it is also stable with constant 1fps. Who should be trust now, app or GenICam Browser. Can it be that we have some bug in the browser?

P.S. We are using 14.00.001 CVB Version and 4.810.1641 GenICam Browser Version. PTP is enabled and we are using IEEE1588 as TimeStamp Source.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @dab

Would you please be more specific and tell us the exact name of the app you are comparing GenICam Browser with? Are you calculating the FPS in your own app using the Timestamp of the camera node map?

What happens when you deactivate the Display in GenICam Browser? Do you still experience the changes?

Hi @MandanaS,

We are using our own app. We are reading the timestamp of the acquired frame and calculating frames by definition, let’s say. Bellow, I provided procedure that was derived from our code.

Cvb::DevicePtr device;
double t_0 = 0;
auto wait_result = device->Stream()->WaitFor(TIMEOUT);
frame_timestamp = wait_result.Image->RawTimestamp();

double t_1 = frame_timestamp * 1e9;
double t_delta = t_1 - t_0;
double fps = 1/t_delta;
t_0 = t_1;

I tried deactivating Display, but nothing happens. Frame rate is still experiencing a lot of changes and never gets stable.

Hi @dab

The GenICam browser measures over a longer period of time and then averages the frame rate again which is different from your implementation. CVB viewer is another tool that is installed with CVB, this tool measures over a shorter period of time and may have the behavior that you expect. More information about this tool can be found hier: Common Vision Blox: CVB Configurator

Thank you @MandanaS! We’ll try to use CVB Viewer and let you know about results.