Foundation Edge Tool

Slightly confused and cant seem to find any details.

i am trying to use the edge tool that comes with foundation package.
Using VS19 and c#
Using the Streamhandler works great and displays and all that,

How do I pass the Image and plane data to the foundation Edge tool?

bool located =Edge.FindFirst(streamHandler1, EdgeArea, EdgeSearchMode.ContrastSubPixel, EdgeType.Negative, System.Convert.ToDouble(TrkEdgeThreshold.Value), 1);

But I get an error where I am not passing a Plane layer to the EDGE. how do i send this?

Kind Regards on the fine afternoon.

Hi Neil,

I assume you are using this function?
What kind of object is your streamHandler?

When using the API where the above mentioned function is from, you get the plane from your Stemmer.Cvb.Image object like so:

var myPlane = myImage.Planes[0];