Problems with 2010 cvb tutorials

Dear friends, excuse my english, its not perfect yet!

I am programming CVB in C#

We were talking with Stemmer the past about where to find a manual or a tutorial about finding Edges programming in C#. They told us to open the TUTORIAL files. The problem is that tutorial is written in the old way (2010) and we have bought the new CVB. With the new CVB I have no problems to programming but my problem is mixing both of them, new and 2010.
Let me copy the 2010 proposed code for Finding Edges:

private void bFindEdge_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
  //clearing all previous labels

As you can see here, for example, this code means nothings mixed with your new CVB, I mean, to the
compiler to understand it we need to change this code completely to this:


My question is: Do you have an updated code for Edges tool? What do you suggest to make this work easier? I am stuck with the 2010 edge old code and It is impossible to find any kind of information about this on the internet, even in your training examples or your Youtube channel.

The same problem with the code below, old code that I have to include on my new CVB Form

  double x0, y0, x1, y1, x2, y2;
  x0 = y0 = x1 = y1 = x2 = y2 = 0;
  Cvb.Image.TArea scanArea;
  Cvb.Edge.TEdgeResult result;

  axCVdisplay.GetSelectedArea(ref x0, ref y0, ref x1, ref y1, ref x2, ref y2);
  Cvb.Image.SetArea(x0, y0, x1, y1, x2, y2, out scanArea);

  //finding first edge
  bool located = Cvb.Edge.TFindFirstEdge(axCVimage.Image, 0, 500, scanArea, 
  System.Convert.ToDouble(m_TrackThreshold.Value.ToString()), checkBoxPositive.Checked, out result);

  if (located)
    axCVdisplay.AddLabel("X", false, 255, 0, (int)result.x, (int)result.y);

Looking forward to hearing from you, I hope you can help!
Thank you very much

Hi @George

Yes, unfortunately there is no example for the :cvb: Foundation Edge tool yet. But it’s not hard to implement :slight_smile: These are the functions you need.

Regarding your display and overlay question: I assume you are using Windows Forms? Please have look at some other tutorial that uses overlays. E.g. the PolarTransform example located at %CVB%Tutorial\Image Manager\Cvb.Net\PolarTransform

Here is the list of available overlays that come with :cvb:'s WinForms accessories.