Foundation Blob - Blob Perimeters

Is it possible to get the perimeter points that belong to a blob? This was possible with the older blob tool that was not part of foundation. I am migrating an application to the latest CVB and require this functionality.

Is there an alternative such as contour tracing that would provide a list of points around a blob?

Many Thanks

Hi BitSmith,
The Foundation Blob tool you are referring to is a fast blob algorithm with a reduced feature set. Due to the used implementation, it is not possible to add perimeter output as a feature.

Even though the CVC Blob Tool you used before is the older one, it does not mean that it is obsolete. You can still use this blob tool to get the perimeters.

As you are migrating to the latest CVB, you probably mean that you also use one of the new APIs, like CVB++ or CVB.Net. The CVC Blob Tool is currently not available for these APIs. But you can still combine the C-style API with the new APIs.

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