Error while include "cvb/gevserver/node.hpp"

When I include the headers cvb/gevserver/node.hpp an error comes up.

|Error (active)|E1696|cannot open source file _detail/iconfigurable_string_node.hpp
Error (active) E1018 namespace “Cvb::V_1_5::GevServer::Private” has no member class “IConfigurableStringNode”
Error (active) E1018 namespace “Cvb::V_1_5::GenApi::Private” has no member class “IStringNode”

CVB Version 13.04.002 Windows 64 bit

Hi @ASchmitt

thanks a lot for the hint and sorry for the inconvenience: This particular file did not make it into the installer of 13.04.002 (older versions don’t have that file) :frowning_face:

For a quick fix, copy the following file to %CVB%\Lib\C\cvb\gevserver_detail: (473 Bytes)

The upcoming 13.04.003 installer will include that file.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Perfekt, thanks. :blush:
No problem, I was just a bit puzzled.
I will try it with the quickfix and give a feedback later if it works.

Sorry for the late response, the quick fix works. :slight_smile:


Thanks! 13.04.003 will be online soon.