Empty chunk vector

We currently have some problems with the chunk data of some C4 cameras (firmware version 1.5.2).
We are using 8 cameras on two different computers. Half of them we have AOI-tracking activated. But all have the same chunk mode settings ( Chunk Mode Selector: One Chunk per Profile).
The problem is that for some cameras the are receiving the chunk vector <GV_ChunkAcqInfo> with length 0. For the others it is working ( length is 200). It does not depend on the AIO-Tracking settings.

Network-Settings are correctly configured (1.0 Gbps, Jumbo packets 9014).

It is not clear for us why some cameras send us correct chunk data but others (with same settings) do not.
Maybe you can help us :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Hi @dominik19

This sounds like a configuration issue. Therefore I could only guess what can cause this behaviour.
Luckily you have some cameras that work. So I would start by narrowing down the possible differences, by switching a working with a not working camera.
If the issues stays with the camera, carefully check the firmware version and the camera configuration.
If the issue stays with the hosts NIC check the configuration file (GenICam.ini) for differences.

Note that manually comparing camera configurations is cumbersome and error prone, so you can dump the settings with the GenICam browser into a *.gcs file and use your favourite text editor for a diff.

Hi Andreas,

sorry for my late reply.
First thanks for your answer and suggestions.
Switching cameras is not so easy for us because the system is located far away and we only have remote access to it.

We dumped out the camera configurations. They seem to be the same for all 8 cameras. So there seems to be no problem.
We would like to try every single camera. Maybe you have a small application which can be connected to one camera and read the chunk data? Otherwise we would write our own one. But maybe you have a working example application for us :slight_smile:

We also tried a firmware update of the problematic cameras but this does not bring any changes.

Thank in advance,