CVB Continuous recording

I am using CVB with an EH6300 camera, connected to a Gigabit interface. Recently, I needed to record the video flow in order to be able to use it later. As a consequence, I am looking to make a small tool, able to grab real-time images, keep the display, and record them to the hard drive.
I am new at CVB coding, and start learning how to use the framework. It would help a lot to have an example from which I could start with. Would anyone have such related prog from which I could draw inspiration?
Many thanks!

Hi @trob,

do you want to save single images or video streams? If you’d like to record AVIs you can use the :cvb: Movie2 tool. There is e.g. a C# example that does exactly what you want: C# Movie2 Recorder Example. It is located at %CVB%\Tutorial\Movie2\CSharp\CSMovie2Recorder. There are also tutorials for other programming languages.

Just to make sure: Movie2 is only installed with full :cvb: (not part of the :cvb: CameraSuite setup).

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Hi @parsd,
It’s video stream, sorry. Ok, seems that I did not have the full :cvb: install. I will get the latest and check.
Many thanks!