Compatibility of Helios2+ from LUCID with CVB


I am interested in a Time of Flight camera from LUCID named Helios2+.

The camera is compatible with the standard GigE Vision v2.0, GenICam 3D
The Output Format use Binary .PLY file (via Arena SDK)

Is the camera compatible with CVB to get the intensity map and the 3D information ?

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Hi @Emilio ,

  1. Lazy Answer: If you already have the hardware you can just test this, CVB will write a watermark into the image if you don’t have license.

  2. Proper Anwer: Depends on what the camera is actually transporting, i.e. the Pixelformat (Std::Pixelformat in the camera config), Buffertype and it’s conformity with the standards. In the worst case the new acquisition stack (namespace Cvb::AcquisitionStack::GenTL for C++) should be able to transport the data.