CVB .NET API Datatype Conversion


This is probably very simple.
I have a colour Genie Nano that I am acquisring from using GenTL and the .NET API

How do I control/enable the driver conversion to RGB from the Bayer source?

I simply open the source

_device = DeviceFactory.Open(discoveryInformation.AccessToken, AcquisitionStack.PreferGenTL);

Then when I call WaitFor I receive a single plane Bayer image.

var nextFrame = _genTlStream.WaitFor(TimeOut, out WaitStatus waitStatus);

I have tried setting the pixel format in the driver using

discoveryInformation.SetParameter(“PixelFormat”, “2”);

but that doesn’t appear to have any affect.

Many Thanks

Hi @BitSmith ,

You use the new GenTL Stack where some Parameters are not supported including the PixelFormat Parameter. This parameter is only supported with the VIN-Driver Stack.

I know that this is not clear enough in the documentation. Currently we are working on an updated GenICam User Guide which also addresses the available parameters of the different acquisition stacks.

With CVB 14.0 and older it is not possible to make a bayer conversion using only the image manager with the GenTL stack.

With the next CVB release 14.1 we will introduce the Pixel Format Converter in the Image Manager / Camera Suite so that the bayer conversion will be possible with these licenses using the GenTL stack as well.

In the meantime, you can go back to the VIN Driver stack or use the CVB BayerToRGB Tool from our Foundation Package to make the bayer conversion.

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Thanks for the response.
That explains why I couldn’t get it to work.

When is 14.1 anticipated?

For this application I need to use the GenTL stack so I can detect and handle possible corruption of individual frames.
I am currently using the BayerToRGB functions in Foundation for development, but this will not be possible for our end user.

Many Thanks

The 14.1 is planned to be released in April 2024.
If this is a problem for you or your end user, please contact us over the technical support.
Then we can try to find a solution for you.