Classification creation error Internal error

I came across TeachBench Polimago Search and I encounter the error below.
How can I solve this?

Welcome to the forum yongann!

What are your learning parameters? I think that either the ranges for the degrees of freedom or the extraction radius is too high.

Your instance covers a large area of your training image. With high ranges for scale and rotation and with high extraction radius, it can easily happen that the algorithm is reaching outside of your image during training. Because there is no data outside the borders of your image, the algorithm fails.


Did you install the 32 bit version or the 64 bit version of Common Vision Blox? During the learning phase (not later on) Polimago may consume a significant amount of memory and with the 32 bit version we’ve seen it run into “out of memory” easily with e.g. a high Sample Count value.

@Frank reducing the extraction radius helps me successfully create the classifier. Thanks.

@illusive I am using 64 bit version. Frank answer helps me solve the problem. Thanks for the reply.

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