Cannot use stream.WaitAsync() due to ambiguity between methods

I tried to run the example provided in Getting Started with CVB.Net but I got the following error when using WaitAsync

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error CS0121 The call is ambiguous between the following methods or properties: ‘Stemmer.Cvb.Async.AcquisitionExtensions.WaitAsync(Stemmer.Cvb.Driver.IAcquisition)’ and ‘Stemmer.Cvb.Async.AcquisitionExtensions.WaitAsync(Stemmer.Cvb.Driver.IAcquisition)’

Did you reference the Stemmer.Cvb.Async.dll? This assembly has been integrated into the current version of Stemmer.Cvb.dll which might produce the error you see.

It should be gone if you remove the reference to Stemmer.Cvb.Async.dll.

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I removed the reference to the Stemmer.Cvb.Async.dll. in the project configuration but I kept

using Stemmer.Cvb.Async;

and It works.


The Stemmer.Cvb.Asyn has been moved from the (no longer existing) Stemmer.Cvb.Async.dll to the Stemmer.Cvb.dll, therefore it is ok to leave the using Stemmer.Cvb.Async in place. The reason why we had this namespace in its own dll in the first place was to have the possibility to use Stemmer.Cvb.dll with .Net 4.0 as well, but we recently reconsidered this choice.