C-API call failed


I am using Ubuntu 20.04 and python3. My goal is to get data from the camera and publish it to a ROS topic. I have installed cvb and GigE-V-Framework_x86_2.20.0.0182 successfully. When executing the command ./GigeDeviceStatus, I am able to see all the GenI cameras. But, when I execute the below command in python3:
device = cvb.DeviceFactory.open(os.path.join(cvb.install_path(), “drivers”, “GenICam.vin”), port=4)
stream = device.stream()

I get the below error error:
device = cvb.DeviceFactory.open(os.path.join(cvb.install_path(), “drivers”, “GenICam.vin.3”), port=4)
RuntimeError: C-API call failed

Secondly, when I open the genICam Browser, the browser is unable to find the cameras.

Thank you

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Hi @shrutarv

I would guess, that you installed CVB first and then the GigE-V-Framework from IDS, am i correct?
If so, the installer of IDS very likely changed the GENICAM_GENTL64_PATH varibale of the system to where IDS has their transportlayers installed. As a result CVB cant find its own TLs anymore.

This is what the GenICam Browser should look like: