Automatic ajustment of iris, exposure and gain

For p-iris installed camera for instance GT 2460C from Allied Vision, is it possible to automatically control the iris position, exposure time, and gain with CVB? If possible, it will be very much appreciated if such an example (in c++) can be provided.



Hi @lxu :slight_smile:

All these features can be read and manipulated via the nodemap of the camera. An example of how to access the cameras nodemap using CVB can be found in your CVB installtion direcotry: %CVB%Tutorial\Hardware\GenICam\VC\VCGenicamExample

Even better would be to use our new C++ wrappers. An example is available in this post.

A list of the whole set of nodes available can be found in the document here

Hope this helps :nerd_face:

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Thanks a lot. I’ll take a look at it.