MultiStreamHandler Example


I have recently worked on a small console example where I could use the CVB MultiStreamHandler as I acquired images from four synchronized cameras. The MultiStreamHandler can not be used with non synchronized cameras.
As I think this example might be helpfull the forum seems to be good place to share it.

The example is written with the CVB++ wrapper and is ment for CoaxPress cameras. It also has included the nodemap handling necessary to setup the cameras.

Code snipped (complete example attached)
class MyMultiStreamHandler
      :public Cvb::MultiStreamHandler

      MyMultiStreamHandler(const std::vector<Cvb::StreamPtr> & streamVector)


      void HandleAsyncStream(const std::vector<Cvb::StreamPtr> &streamVector) override
        auto readData = 0;
        for (auto & stream : streamVector)
          auto result = stream->WaitFor<Cvb::RingBufferImage>(std::chrono::milliseconds(500));

          // Do something.



Thanks @Andreas for all the help.

Theo (2.2 KB)