ATC6 buffer mapping : a hole of 2 bytes between 2 pixels

I’ve found something strange with ATC6 camera.
If I open it with a VIN: xincr=2 yincr=4096 datatype=2
If I open it with CppMultiPartComposite (CVB++): xincr=4 yincr=8192 datatype=2. The 6 element images of the multipart data are in the same case.

So with CVB++ the buffer has holes between each pixel.
Cvb: 13.04.005 (64 bits) Windows 10 21H2.

Is this bug fixed in 13.04.006 ? (I saw “Fixed VPAT generation on monochrome formats with more than 8 bits per pixel.” in the release notes, but it is for vpat).


I donwloaded cvb 14.00.002 x86: this fixes the issue.