Trying to apply a Dilate() yields segmentation fault

We’re trying to apply a Dilate() operator to an 8 bit binary image imageMask by doing the following:

        // Dilate binary Mask
        Stemmer.Cvb.Image dilMask = new Stemmer.Cvb.Image(3, 3);
        Stemmer.Cvb.Image dilatedMask = Stemmer.Cvb.Foundation.Morphology.Dilate(imageMask, dilMask, new Stemmer.Cvb.Point2D(1, 1));

However, Dilate() yields a segmentation violation. I can’t see anything unusual here though. Do we overlook something in how to use this function?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @MarSch,

I tried to reproduce this, but on my machine, the Dilate call never returns and calculates forever…
I will come back to you, as soon as I know more!

Hi @MarSch,

this was a bug and is now fixed.
You can get the fixed dll here.
Please replace the old dll in the %cvb% directory.


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Hi @TStadler,

thanks a lot for the quick fix.

Best regards,