Streaming parallel example not printing "new image..."

I was just testing the async and parallel examples (from CVBpy" examples folder) and I can run the async file fine (it works for 2 cameras that I am currently working with) but parallel streaming only retuns this part :

 # called from the aqusition thread
def handle_async_stream(self, stream):

but this part never shows up in the console:

# called from the aqusition thread
def handle_async_wait_result(self, image, status):
    super().handle_async_wait_result(image, status)
    print("New image: " + image.__class__.__name__ + " " + str(image) + " | Status: " + str(status) + " | Buffer Index: " + str(image.buffer_index))

What can be the issue here? (The print(“Acquired with: " + str(self.rate_counter.rate) + " fps”) return Nan)

Hi @piotrM

Sorry for the late reply.
I just checked that. Unfortunately there is a bug in the current CVBpy release that prevents handle_async_wait_result in SingleStreamHandler form being called.

However the default implementation would just call wait for the next image on the stream.
So there is an easy workaround.

This will be fixed in the next release.

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