Sherlock CVB Driver Introduction

The Sherlock CVB Driver is an acquisition driver for Sherlock based on the CVB Image Manager.
With it every image acquisition device supported by CVB is also available over Sherlock. This includes all CVB VIN-Drivers and also other supported image sources.

Current Download for Sherlock 7.3.x (can be installed with CVB 14 as well)
Sherlock CVB Driver 3.0.8 (x64)

Download with last available 32/64Bit setups supporting Sherlock - 7.2.x.x:
Sherlock CVB Driver 3.0.6

Important to know if using GenICam compliant cameras.
Often the driver is used with GenICam compliant cameras.
With the experience we got the last years using the driver we realized that it is more important to have a reliable image acquisition in the standard configuration which fits to the most use cases where Sherlock is used.
Because of this we changed the default behaviour of the driver in Version 2.10 using Software Trigger and Live Image.

By default the driver configures the camera to use Software Trigger even in the Sherlock Live Image view if the camera supports it. We call this Auto Software Trigger. To do this the TriggerMode feature is set to “On” and the “TriggerSource” is set to “Software”.
When Sherlock is closed and the driver is unloaded these settings are changed back to the initial values at the time when the driver was loaded.

This means also that sending a manual Software Trigger with the Send Command “Trigger” as instruction is not needed by default.

If this is not the behaviour you need the Auto Software Trigger can be disabled with the Parameter “AutoSoftwareTrigger=0”

Is a separate license required or is the driver free?

A valid CVB Image Manager or CameraSuite License is needed to be able to use the driver. If you want to test the driver this can be done with a 30-day trial license over CVB.
Additionally It is possible to license the driver only over the Sherlock Dongle with a separate Magic Number which can be purchased over Stemmer Imaging.

The “Sherlock CVB Driver Manual” for Sherlock 7 (64 bit) is attached here. Note, that Sherlock 8 is not supported anymore.

CVB-Driver-for-Sherlock-Documentation-202112.pdf (736.4 KB)