[Resolved] Download Links Currently not Working


At the moment downloading files doesn’t work properly with up-to-date Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. The issue has been observed with Google Chrome for a while already, now Edge has joined in as well. The reason - in unreasonably short wording - is that FTP links in HTML pages are considered unsafe and undesirable. Unfortunately, FTP links are exactly what we currently use…

We are in the process of modifying our infrastructure so that we can (hopefully at some point next week) offer https-Downloads which will then work fine with all browsers. Until then please use a different browser (Firefox currently still works as does Opera - others have not been tested but will likely also just download FTP links).

As of now (15.02.2021, 10:49 am CET) the download links in the forum are working again, courtesy of our fabulous IT department. All the links across the forum had to be updated, which is why the “latest” view might look a bit weird for the next few days (the necessary update moved some fairly ancient posts back to the top…), but all the download links should now be working properly for all browsers. (If not I’d appreciate feedback…)

Thanks for your patience!

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