Passing images between CVB and ... other packages

I have a question that I fear might get me banned from this forum :dagger:

Maybe somone is using Halcon and they want to pass images from Halcon into CVB (because CVB has some unique features :+1:). Does anyone know how to do this? I’ve heard it has been done between CVB and some Open Source packages, but not this.


Hello Hammer of the North,

The easiest way to do so: Use a Halcon C# Project. Then call cvb from this project directly.
(I’m not a Halcon power user xD, not sure how to access image data from there). Then simple create a CVB Image from the Image data (i assume Halcon provides easy access). And then do what ever you want to do in cvb. However this entirely depends on the project you want to use (and if you use a finished UI by us or Polimago or whatever).

Some details would help.

The intention is to use Halcon as the processing platform and then add CVB GigE Vision Server on to allow some distributed processing. I’m not sure if those details are much help.

Yes this should work just fine. You just have to create a project which include Halcon and CVB.

Hi @Mjollnir

We have a detailed application note which describes how to interface cvb with 3rd Party Software. This is usable also for Halcon.

It is available for download on our website in the online-help section:

@Frank also uploaded it to the forum server so that we can have a direct link here:
Interfacing CVB to 3rd party imaging libraries

In your case you need to read chapter 3:
Data Transfer from 3rd Party Libraries to CVB

@Sebastian @c.hartmann
That looks like exactly what I need. I think a little experimentation should show me the memory layout too.