Normlizing an Image - image division and datatype conversion

I’m trying to normalize an Image (sample) using a white reference (wRef) and a black reference (bRef):

sample_normalized = (sample - bRef) / (wRef - bRef)

The resulting image should have a value range of [0,1].
For that I was thinking of using the Artihmetic functions in the CVFoundation.dll (SubtractImages() and DivideImages()). It seems that these function would always return an image of the same data type as the input.
My problem here is that the input images are of data type uint16 while my output image needs to be of type float

So it it possible (and feasable) to convert my images from uint16 to float and then do the whole math.
Are there any CVB functions to change the data type of an image?

Hi @richard_loewenherz!

ConvertTo32BPPFloat or ScaleTo32BPPFloat should do the job.

Thanks a lot. I didn’t check the Foundation library for such functions.
But this should do the trick!