Metadata from a GEV camera

Hello all,
I have a prospective application that will need to access the metadata from a camera (thermal camera, GigE Vision). I’ve not done this before and don’t know quite where to start. Can you give me some clues, maybe point me towards a tutorial example (C#, ideally)?

Hi @LincolnshirePoacher, what kind of metadata do you need to access? And do you know how this data is accessible?

  • Is it a feature of the camera (i.e. it is visible in one of our configuration grids)?
  • Or is this data delivered with the sensor data?
  • Is it delivered by the camera via events/messages?

Hello @parsd,
I think you asked the right questions. It looks like all of the data that I need comes either as events or as Genicam parameters. I think I can work through that - it looks like there are some good code snippets in the CVB Genicam User Guide.

Thanks for your subtle but useful direction!