Merge Minos Classifiers


I have two Minos training sets (set1.mts and set2.mts) that I want to merge into one training set, but there seems to be no easy way to do that short of writing a program that does it for me. Am I overlooking something?

Hi @taserface

Yes it is possible to merge the data of two .mts files. The following steps show how to do so:

  1. Export the Project from each .mts in to a separate folder.

  2. Now you have two folders with .mio and .xml files. Mio is a CVB image format and its corresponding .xml file contains all the annotated instances in the image file. The exported data naming starts from index 0, that means there are overlaps between the file names in these two folder:

    Folder1 → 00.mio,00.xml, 01.mio, 01.xml … 12.mio,12.xml
    Folder2 → 00.mio,00.xml, 01.mio, 01.xml … 10.mio,10.xml

  3. By writing a script you should be able to automatically rename the images of one the folders in a way that the naming corresponds to the whole number of images of the two orders, therefore there will be no naming overlap between the two folders:

    Folder1 → 00.mio,00.xml, 01.mio, 01.xml … 12.mio,12.xml
    Folder2 → 13.mio,13.xml, 14.mio, 14.xml … 23.mio,23.xml

  4. Make a third folder an put all the files of the two folders in it:

    Folder3 → 00.mio,00.xml, 01.mio, 01.xml … 23.mio,23.xml

  5. Open a new Teachbench window and choose import project:

  6. In the new window choose “Minos Teach Project” as “Project template” and In “Import Data location” browse to the directory of the folder3.

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Hint: Step 3 (renaming the files generated by the export) can also be carried out with a tool like “Bulk Rename Utility” (Bulk Rename Utility - Free File Renaming Software).

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