Is there any way to rotate axCVdisplay?


we have a few displays on our applications and we would like to rotate one of them for 90 degrees. In our case its the axCVdisplay4 that we want to rotate.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Semso,

as you are using the ActiveX controls I assume you are still using the old C-style .Net wrappers? The Display ActiveX control itself cannot be rotated. But the image can be, though. Also in a very efficient way by creating a rotated view on the image - this even enables live updates while grabbing if the view is done on a driver IMG:

public bool TrySetRotatedImage(Image.IMG image, Image.TVPATRotation rotation)
  if(!Image.CreateRotatedImageMap(image, rotation, out SharedImg handle))
    return false;
  axCVdisplay4.Image = handle; // maybe need to add .ToInt32() or .ToInt64()
  return true;

Hi @parsd,

yesterday, right before you answered, we gave up on the idea to rotate the display and choose just to rotate the image. Thank you for your time! The support on here is amazing.