Information about errorcodes

Hi Community,

I wonder if there is a way to get more precise information about the errorcodes that are returned when calling a cvb method such as G2Wait().
I’ve seen different numbers for errors, e.g when calling G2Wait() on an image-handle, after the camera has been unplugged, the errorcode that is returned is “-2147483628”.
I assume, that this is not just a random code, how can I get more detailed information about the error that occured?

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Hi Peter,

:cvb: has a method to get more information about the errorcodes that were returned from a method:

cvbres_t result = G2Wait(handle);
auto errorCode = CVC_ERROR_FROM_HRES(result)

In your case ‘errorCode’ would be 20.

Now you can take a look into the CVCError.h:

We see: Your errorCode indicates an aborted grab, which is just what we would expect after trying to grab an image from a disconnected camera.

I hope this answer helps you, maybe one of the more advanced members has more information to add.