How to start with Programming in CVB


i have installed Visual Studio 2019 and followed the steps in Display.
When i try to add things into the toolbox, i get a window appear telling me that the component i’m adding is not compatible with WinForms designer like this:

What should i do to solve this problem?
Are there simple examples for beginners to learn Programming in CVB?

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Hi @Road

I guess the problem with adding components was actually resolved with the answers to this post.

When starting a new Windows Forms application with the CVB.Net wrappers there are two resources taht I would recommend:

  1. @parsd’s Getting Started Guide (not very much Windows Forms related but a good starting point in general)
  2. The Windows Forms based tutorials installed in %CVB%\Tutorial\Image Manager\Cvb.Net - namely “Display”, “GenICam”, “PolarTransformation” and maybe “StreamDisplay”. Which one you pick first should depend on what you are most interested in:
    • “StreamDisplay” gives a very basic example of how to acquire and visualize image streams from cameras,
    • “GenICam” extends the concept by bringing the camera features into the picture
    • “PolarTransformation” shows some very basic processing
    • “Display” gives a fairly complete picture of what can be done with the Forms display.

I hope that helps - and If not make yourself heard :wink: