How to capture images while streaming?

Hello ,
I am am streaming images of a product that must be rotated to the correct position the capture an image. I am us the live stream to view the position of the product , when the position is good I have to close the stream window and the image is saved.
I need to reopen the stream window and reposition the product and capture another image 8 times.
Can the stream remain open and somehow capture images on demand while displaying the stream.
All I have done is add the after app.exec_() in the tutorial code

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi @Mark,

be aware that the example is not interactive, it just acquires images and displays them.

You have to do the saving inside the applications event loop!
For you application I suggest to add a button and a custom controller as bridge to QML. Once you receive the clicked signal just call inside your controller.

Thank you Andreas,
While looking at the tutorial files , C:\Program Files\STEMMER IMAGING\Common Vision Blox\Tutorial\GEVServer\CvbPy\QmlGevServer
This code looks ideal for me I just replaced the with the for my camera and it streams live and captures images.
The code is a bit complex for me but hopefully I can wade through it.
My only issue now is that when saving an image it opens the file explorer.
loadFile = false
fileDialog.folder = backEnd.desktop_path

The Python code:
def save_image(self, path):
print('Saving image to ’ + path)
Does not appear to allow me to select a path or name the image file.
Any further suggestions would be great.
Thanks again