Debounce external trigger


We use an external trigger which cause a lot of contact bounce. So one trigger inputs leads to multiple images instead of just one (edge pre-select).
Is there a way to debounce in Python or can the acquisition be interupted for some time after a image is taken?

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Hi @stmoe,

debouncing is something which has to be done by Hardware. It takes place directly at the input of your camera and before the image is actually aquired. Please check your cameras documentation and search for the available debounce options. Typically most modern cameras do have a possibility to ignore pulses which are shorter than the set debounce value.

If it is not possible for you to remove the bouncing behavior completely by the camera hardware you should try to remove the bouncing itself. Only if this is not possible you will have to look for a software workaround which suits your applictation. E.g. if you know that your images are not aquired below a specific frame rate you could check the timestamp of each image and ignore images which where aquired with a framerate which is out of spec. However, this will not work with every application.


Hi Theo

We use a JAI AD130 GE, in the camera specifications we can’t find any mention of a debouncing mechanism. Currently we use time.sleep to debounce.


Hi Stmoe,

maybe you could use a “Pulse Generator” from the camera to “simulate” a debouncing. There is an example in the manual (chapter 7.6.1) which shows the setting for the PWC mode. If the pulse of this PWC trigger is longer then the bouncing of your signal I would think that the bouncing will be ignored. You will have to test this of course.

I have to mention that this is a bit off topic for this CVB forum. If you would like to have more help regarding your camera I would suggest that you contact your local support. I am not sure if we can give you the best support experience using this CVB forum.


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