CVB Image Snapped Event


I would like to know if there is a way of checking the source of an Image Snapped event via the CVImage control. I would like to see if it is a software trigger or an sensor trigger wired directly into the camera.

Does anyone know if this is possible?


Hi and welcome @Shane,

no, the Image ActiveX control and the underlying IGrab2 interface do not have that information. Depending on the camera technology you can ask the camera, though. Maybe you can also get some information via chunk data if the camera provides that.

So to answer this we would need to know more about the technology used. Also the reason for it might also help as there may be another way to achieve what you need.

Thanks @parsd,

I am triggering a Genie Nano from a sensor for some pots, the pots rotate so I can see a single barcode printed on them. After the sensor trigger I send a manual trigger multiple times to capture each position the pot is in whilst it rotates until I read the barcode.

Sometimes a second pot comes in and triggers the sensor before the first pot leaves the field of view having it’s barcode read. It’s hard to reproduce here but I’m running an on site test which will be much easier to monitor so wanted to go in armed with some ideas in case it causes a problem.

I will be limiting the search area for the barcode to match the position of the passing pot in each stage of rotation but thought if I could tell what type of trigger activated the Image Snap event I could identify the start of a new pot rotation.

I have also been advised to look at Nano Multiframe trigger settings in case this may help.

Hello @Shane,

in general it’s possible to monitor the Status of all digital Inputs using metadata. But in case both trigger events are using the same trigger input it’s not possible to distinguish between both of them.


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