CVB 32b on a 64b OS

I have an existing 32b CVB application (11.2) that uses Manto and Foundation Package. My customer will only allow Windows 10 64b applications. If it is possible I’d like to avoid re-starting development in Polimago.

Can a 32b CVB application be made to run on a 64b OS? I had a feeling that I’ve seen an answer about this before, but I don’t see it now.

Can anyone help?

Hi @LincolnshirePoacher,

running a 32 bit :cvb: application on a 64 bit machine is not much of a problem if the following conditions are met:

  1. Please use a 32 bit version of :cvb: that has been verified to run properly on a 64 bit OS. This basically translates to “use at the very least version 11.2”.
  2. Make sure your 32 bit application has not been compiled with the Any CPU platform setting of Visual Studio. This setting basically means that the OS gets to decide whether the application should be started as a 32 bit process or as a 64 bit process and for most versions of Visual Studio this simply means that the application will start as a 64 bit process. If you have a 32 bit version of :cvb: installed this will not work. So please make sure that the application has been built for the x86 target platform.
  3. Not strictly a 32/64 bit item, but you mentioned that the target platform here is Windows 10. The first version of :cvb: usable with Windows 10 was 12.00.000, so when targeting Windows 10 you should at least upgrade to that version.

Perfect - it is good to know all of that, thank you.