C5 timestamp et input line data

Hi all,

I continue to work on my C6 integration, and it work almost fine.

I just update my C5 class to manage our last C5 like our new C6 in a spirit of Clean Code and better adaptation of our software, but some parts are .

I try to get the timestamp and input line data from the C5, by using the chunk boolean node (Std::ChunkModeActie), but I don’t know how to get the information that I want after that.

I saw that in the “Transport layer” section, “GigE vision” part, I have two nodes, latch timestamp and timestamp, that I can use but it’s seem that I need to ask for a timestamp with the latch node, and get it, and it’s seem the wrong way.

Anyone can give me some hints of how to get timestamp and input line states from the C5 ?

Best regards


Hey there!

I assume you’ve already set the AttachChunk to 1, otherwise, no ChunkData will be attached.

There should be a node called “Std::ChunkTimestamp”; this could be the right node for your needs. However, I’m not entirely sure about the “input line data.” Could you please provide further clarification?