C5-CS Saving calibrated 3D values

I have a C5-CS laser-sensor (triangulation camera) and would like to get some feedback on the CSV Image Manager. I have not dived in to the software and before devoting time, I’d like to know if the following tasks would be straightforward and if to use C++ or Python? I have tried the SDK from the manufacturer but I cannot get past calibrating the images and saving the height values for each column in a row to an XYZ format.

What I am trying to do is:

  • Discover and start data acquisition
  • Acquire data continuously
  • Apply the calibration file to the uncalibrated image
  • Save numerical calibrated heights in a XYZ format

Hi joaquinh,
if you mean the CVB Image Manager ;), the answer is yes. You can do all steps with CVB, also in C++ or Python.
The calibration file must be an xml, dat or json file. The calibrated heights can be saved as xyz or ply.

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