AT camera is 3D mode, what's mean for the Z coord of the data?

q1: what’s mean the Z coord ? what’ unit? (DC2=true,DC1=false,DC0=false, FIRPeak)

q2: How to convert image data to point cloud data without calibration file by CVB for AT camera?

@wugx Your both questions here are out of scope of this forum which should help developers using CVB. Both of them can be answered by reading the manual of your camera.

  1. When you do not calibrate the output of the camera, z here is a number relative to the height in pixel! I do not know what the model of your AT camera is but in the case of AT c5, in Flirpeak DC2 is the Position of Gauss peak with 1/(2N) pixel resolution, where N=number of subpixel bits (0-6).
    for more information please refer to the camera manual.
  2. They are other ways to get a point cloud from AT cameras, please refer to their manual.

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@MandanaS Hi, thank you. I got the values by programming in the chunk data. But in theory, the camera should only return the pixel position and intensity. Let me understand, In this 3D mode, its Y coordinate represents the number of profiles of a frame, X is the horizontal pixel coordinate (column), and Z is the vertical subpixel coordinate (row), is right?

It depends on what you set as for chunk data to be in the camera settings! This post is not CVB related issue, please send an email to our support.

I believe mine to solve. Thank you

Hi @wugx ,

please keep in mind that this forum is focused on Common Vision Blox as a software product. I know that with :cvb: being a software that is being used for interfacing to cameras the line is sometimes a bit harder to draw. Therefore we often try to make an effort to help with fringe questions as well. But I hope you understand that we are unable to answer detail question about 3rd party software like the CXExplorer and would therefore like to respectfully ask you to contact the hardware vendor where you acquired the camera. If you bought it from STEMMER IMAGING or any of its subsidiaries the correct address (as @MandanaS pointed out) is

Thank you very much and best regards!